More from the Manifesto Files

First, I’m a Facebook Fan of 1000WattConsulting. I believe they are visionaries, pragmatists, and dead-on in their forecast of the future. They don’t make stupid, useless projections with what sounds like perfect data. Instead, they engage in conversations and ideas.

They posted this today. Here is an except:

Agents spend inordinate amounts of time warding off knuckleheads and brokers provide little in the way of true leadership and value back to agents. Consumers can’t distinguish one brokerage from another… because almost all of them hire too many lame agents.

This is simply no way to run a business.

My agents must be different. Better. Smarter. If I can’t get them, I don’t do it.

If I can’t get them, I don’t do it.

Modern brokerage can learn a lot from Pepsi. They cut their teeth on TV advertising. They just skipped the Super Bowl to invest in social media. The ROI is far greater in social media, whose premise is not making the founders of Facebook and Twitter gazillionaires, but instead on earning permission assets one person at a time.

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