Real Estate Brokerage 3.0: Points of Inspiration

A friend told me yesterday how mobile search apps are not just the rage in Miami, but if you didn’t have that, your business had no street credibility. He theorized that Colorado Springs was just a cowtown since it relied on personal referral and known permission assets to transmit quality performance from consumer to consumer.

The real irony? This was the same guy who turned me on to Purple Cow, now more relevant than ever.

Dan Pink, Author of DRIVE

On another business book frontier: Daniel Pink is more than Al Gore’s former Speechwriter.

He’s more than a guy who writes Bestsellers.

He’s an ad hoc revolutionary, making sense of what science says business must do, and educating persuasively on the Right-Brained Future. Mobile Search Apps, Easy-to-Refer Businesses, and Outlandish-Performance Art all share something in common: they delight the right brain.

Real Estate Brokerage can delight the right brain. That is, if it chooses to embrace the inner artist.

Prophets have gathered proclaiming the demise of the real estate industry for the better part of two decades. On an example of the relevance of Windows 95, Bill Gates predicted that the real estate industry would no longer exist in an online economy by the end of the Decade. I have frequently pointed out the poorly-veiled self-interest at play in the Freakenomics posts, ones that equate REALTORS to either The KKK or a Pimp (funny, I think I prefer the pimp analogy, but that was the best follow-up they could come up with after going straight for the historiographic jugular back in 2006).

All of their sentiments are right if all the REALTOR does is:

  1. Take someone’s money
  2. Not have a documented, repeatable system
  3. Remain in the box with their thinking and rely on pre-packaged solutions rather than customized outcomes
  4. Makes a contribution to their own bloodlines exclusively, without setting foot in the realms of civilization, arts, culture, humanity, sport and play

The reality is, really good real estate brokerage looks a lot like OK-Go.

If you want “synergy”, if you want “inspiration”, you must head to the right-side of the gray matter. If you want sustainability, empathy and a language to communicate deep smarts, experience and instinct, go to the right brain.

If you want a real estate brokerage that is more than an empty slogan, ego, or a one-time-in-space transaction… the right brain is the right place.

Brokerage can look like this. From smashing televisions, to windmilling parasols, to a final explosion of paint guns. Those are good outcomes. True artistry realizes the power of crescendo: a smile should start in the corner of the mouth, by 2:12 have spread across all lips lowering the bottom jaw to a slightly slackened position. By 3:24 the eyebrows and eyes should be effervescent, the neck posture slightly contorted, the shoulders seizing in anticipation of the outcome.

If a broker can do that for people… that broker is worth talking about.

If your interested in this revolutionary, ad hoc dude Pink… here is his recent Ted Talk.

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