1524 N. Nevada. Opportunity Knocks Downtown

It has stunning, nationally recognized architecture.

It has tree-lined streets with fabulous curb appeal, walkable sidewalks and trails, and a spirit of community.

It’s chicken-friendly and Pro-Pikes Peak Urban Gardens. Ladies & Gentleman: It’s The Old North End.

Price Elasticity is a concept that benefits savvy consumers. Knowing where dirt values have great potential, where improvements and history can have a disproportionate amount of future value adjustment are areas to pay attention to for future real estate appreciation. Here’s an example: I completed this Scattergram to visualize pricing trends downtown over the last 9 months. These are similarly sized properties that closed in the last 9 months within one mile of one another. There is a $100,000 swing between top and bottom prices (23%).

If you can buy at the bottom of the curve in a market like this, with 5% interest rates… what might your future return be?

There’s a bit of a crowd in the Old North End right now, but there is one property better priced than the rest: 1524 Nevada.

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