The Don Miller Press-Release: We’re Making Snowmen

Sooner or later, though, we have to create. We have to go and make
something with the collected likes and dislikes we’ve assembled, we have
to turn them into stories and songs, into families and gardens, into
companies and churches.
These things start small, though, just a kid rolling a tiny pile …of
snow into a ball until it gets so big somebody gets interested and wants
to help him, after which the ball gets larger and larger, and then
others get motivated by what they are seeing and bring out sticks and
lumps of coal and a top hat and a scarf. 

But then again, snowmen are stupid. They just melt. Why try.

If you do your business from the heart…

If you actually are up nights worrying about your clients…

If making a profit is less important than making art…

If relationships are more important that P&L’s…

Sooner or later, you’re gonna start making a lot of snowmen…

Benjamin Day and Hannah Parsons have formed Pikes Peak Urban Living at The Selley Group. Today is day one of boutique brokerage empowering consumers with both measurable data and human empathy.

Thanks Don, for putting words to what Hannah and I have been trying to pull off for more than a year!

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