What the Consumer Wants Now

It is foolishness for the real estate profession to say that they know what the consumer needs now. That answer is so obvious (sarcastic emphasis intended). Consumers clearly NEED to buy, right? Say YES to this contract. Say YES to this lowball offer. Say YES to this uninformed decision.

Press hard. Five Copies. Even on e-contracts.


Pick apart the differences between the words Need and Want. Move from “Need” to “Want” and the consumer becomes a far more complicated animal. All of a sudden, they don’t “Need” to buy anything. They don’t “Need” to accept an unfairly low offer. They don’t “Need” advice. They really don’t “Need” anything. But they do “want” somethings.

They want deep smarts.

They want objective data.

They want pricing presented in many different ways.

They want to understand the risks of their decisions, and implications of outcomes.

They want empathy.

They want consistency.

They want options.

They want accessibility.

If things stand in the way of giving the consumer what they want, and instead, propose from some ivory tower that this is what they need, consumers tend to act like cats being summoned inside.

They run away.

Our goal in business is to listen to what you want.

Benjamin Day and Hannah Parsons have formed Pikes Peak Urban Living at The Selley Group. Today is day one of boutique brokerage empowering consumers with both measurable data and human empathy.

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