A Unicorn in the Balloon Factory: Presenting Pikes Peak Urban Living

Seth Godin has this image he uses when he speaks of a unicorn in a balloon factory.

The balloon factory isn’t really a bad place to work if you rationalize a bit. It’s steady work, with a bit of a rush around New Year’s. The rest of the time it’s quiet and peaceful and not so scary.
Except when the unicorns show up.
At first, the balloon factory folks shush the unicorn and warn him away. That often works. But sometimes, the unicorn ignores them and wanders into the factory anyway. That’s when everyone runs for cover. It’s amazingly easy for a unicorn to completely disrupt a balloon factory. That’s because the factory is organized around a single idea, the idea of soft, quiet stability. The unicorn changes all that.
The balloon factory is all about the status quo. And unicorns (leaders) change the status quo.

Welcome to changing the status quo.

Hannah Parsons and Benjamin Day have created a marketing partnership to take care of their people. Yes, there is a possessive in that last statement… their people.

Combined, the two of us have been in the profession for 17 years. In that time, we have completed 450 some real estate transactions. The greatest challenge that exists to the real estate professional in this day and age is sustaining the energy required to navigate the story that unfolds before, during and after a real estate transaction.

It takes guts to be in your client’s kitchen hearing of their familial loss.

It takes guts to find alternate lenders on deals that have died the day before closing.

It takes guts to persevere through a “professional colleague’s” negotiation tactics that amount to references like, “little lady” or “this is not my first rodeo”.

It takes guts to help clients out when life has thrown them a brutal curveball.

It takes guts to have real skin in the real game.

The Balloon Factory doesn’t want the factory workers to have skin in the game. That’s the entrance of a unicorn.

Pikes Peak Urban Living is about helping clients with sustainable financial decisions. It is about placing relationship ahead of profit. It is about durable strategies embodied in life-giving actions.

“Life-giving actions? Are you REALTORS?”, hoots the balloon factory.

What is precious in this frenetic world is also highly disruptive. Two suggestions to disrupt the frenetic: time and space.

The consumer-centric principals of Pikes Peak Urban Living are that consumers deserve quality, but they also deserve the opportunity to let something breathe. They need to be informed objectively, but they also need to allow their right brain to come in and play with the decision. We are guides in the process, facilitating better, more productive outcomes. We catalyze positive action in our community, from our church, to Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, to The Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, to our preschools and elementary schools.

We are parents.

We live here.

We are building a road, via real estate, for people to live better lives and enjoy a better story.

Road-building isn’t always sexy work. But sometimes, it helps the unicorns find the balloon factory.

Benjamin Day and Hannah Parsons have formed Pikes Peak Urban Living at The Selley Group. Today is day two of boutique brokerage empowering consumers with both measurable data and human empathy.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!!

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