Nerd REALTOR Blog Post: Behr Color Smart iPhone App

I had the Sherwin Williams iPhone App to color match paint and found it atrocious. Part of this is the iPhone camera. When you take a picture of a semi-gloss wall, you’ll get no less than two dozen different colors in that image, where a brown wall can be brown, mocha, white, blue, yellow, green… and be REALTOR BROWN (aka Sherwin Williams Kilim). They might have since made changes, but I gave up on it, panned it’s rating, and deleted it.

Today, a client showed me a wall that needed paint after it had been patched and didn’t know how to color match it. I went to see if there were any new apps and selected the Behr ColorSmart App.

Behr Color Smart App

It took a bit to load, but the results were awesome. I found the most even lighting I could on the wall and took a shot. It displayed the shot and asked if I wanted to use it. I said yes with pessimism. I basically pressed the easy button and didn’t know it. The next thing the app did was give me a small square to place on the image to isolate the portion of the image that was the color I wanted to match. With the iPhone’s sensitive touch interface, the deficiencies of the camera were minimized and I got exactly the color I wanted: Mocha Latte UL 160-21. I held it up against the wall and had Dave check it out and see “my gosh, that’s it!”. There were two chroma options right beneath it as alternates.

Now I wish there was one more feature to this… instead of sharing it or Tweeting it (@COSBENNY  What the hell are you talking about now #MochaLatteUL160-21? Is that like free Slurpees on 7/11?) it would be nice if one of the options was the old-fashioned Email or MMS. Because I had to quickly memorize Mocha Latte UL-160-21 and manually type that into a text to Dave for his run to Home Depot.

But the bottom line is, we got our color and did it with ease. In my “get it done and get on with life” world… that’s worth a small fortune. The fact it’s free probably means I’ll buy Behr paint instead of Valspar next time.


One response to “Nerd REALTOR Blog Post: Behr Color Smart iPhone App

  1. This was a great post! Thanks for sharing the information on the lighting app!

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