Pikes Peak Urban Living Core Values

When Hannah and Ben started Pikes Peak Urban Living in November 2010, we did a series of press release-style blog posts. We spoke about Unicorns in Balloon Factories. And Snowmen telling stories. And somehow, these narrative yarns related to Consumers.

Yeah, we were goofy then, too.

Because at the core, we’re zip without consumers. We can claim whatever we want to claim about how fantastic and best-in-the-world our business model is, but it means jack-squat if a consumer doesn’t want it.

That’s the key: What Consumers Want.

It doesn’t matter what they Need. The list of what a consumer needs is precious and small and basic and anyone in this business of real estate ought to be able to accomplish it, 100%. So what if you can fulfill someone’s need… shouldn’t anyone be able to put a sign in the yard and proofread for misspellings in the MLS?

Here we are now, almost two years on in the Pikes Peak Urban Living experiment, and we have a new teammate in Kim Schultz. Hannah and I both had record years in 2011 and are on pace for a better 2012. We survived (past-tense) the Waldo Canyon fire because we have been / are mobile, nimble and no longer surrounded by the artifice that clogs like plaque the arteries of this business. If you had 5 minutes to evacuate your office, could you do it? We never planned to have to do that, but our digital systems allowed that to be a non-issue, and we could simply and quickly move out, and get to the business of helping our people.

Our business structure allows us to have a life outside of real estate. Correspondingly, we can selflessly orient our core values around what actually fuels our business: The Consumer.

Our core values have not only remained true, but even more steadfast, because they are our reason for being. They are aligned around what consumers want:

  • They want deep smarts.
  • They want objective data.
  • They want pricing presented in many different ways.
  • They want to understand the risks of their decisions, and implications of outcomes.
  • They want empathy.
  • They want consistency.
  • They want accessibility.

These wants are reflected in our core values:

  1. We have advanced post-graduate degrees, and undergraduate degrees from some of the most prestigious institutions in America. We offer our clients unique wisdom and deep smarts.
  2. Facts are always superior to rhetoric. We convey objective data, both to our clients and our industry peers (other REALTORS, appraisers, lenders, etc.).
  3. Just as the seasons are not constant, nor is supply and demand. Understanding consumer motivations as they change on the fly is essential to good business. We present pricing on a variety of models, helping sellers properly position their homes for the right opportunities, and helping buyers understand all their options.
  4. We are entrepreneurial with our money and business model, but not with our clients desires, hearts and finances. We convey risk in all it’s various shades of black, white and gray.  We present options, and the likely outcomes of those options.
  5. We are present to our clients emotional needs, and use skill and care in roll-playing a variety of outcomes. While we are mobile, co-working techno-geeks, we still believe the highest quality of communication is face to face. Texting is for relaying measurable, inarguable data only. We are consistent and empathetic.
  6. Lastly, we lifestyle-overlap with one another. We share clients on a case by case basis, always striving for the personal, custom solution. Some properties are better listed by one of us, while another of us would be the better option for working with them as buyers. Our efficiencies increase our accessibility.

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