Worldwide Media Called me with this Special Offer (or Why we work with who we work with Part 27)

I am usually the rude guy who hangs up on the website phone solicitors. I only hang up, because they’re taught to never take no for an answer, and after I ask them to remove me from their list, they persistently badger me and I have no other choice.

Well today, that changed.

I just got a call from Worldwide Media Group. “You may know us, we help Reel-uh-turs end up on the first page of Google.”

I decided to play along.

He explained how it worked. They had found me because I was an active agent in Monument, Colorado. I stopped him. “No I’m not. I have buyers for up there, but I have no listings. And my office isn’t there.”

“Oh, well, where is your office?”

“You would know if you found me on the internet. Have you Googled my name?”

“Well, can you just tell me where you are?”

“I’m in Colorado Springs. It is south of Monument.”

“Okay, well it’s real simple, we put you in touch with 271 people who every week Google the phrase “Homes for Sale, Colorado Springs, CO”” and you can get the chance to work with them. We have two positions to put you on page one of Google for that search time. That would be very good for your business, right?”

At this point, I was so depressed at how bad this was, that I almost stopped playing. I replied “No, that wouldn’t be very good.”

Stunned, he asked “why not? You mean to say that if you had all those people you could sell houses to, that you would not work with them?”

I asked back, “let me ask you this, these are 271 strangers I have never spoken to, and I am supposed to go and spend 3 to 4 hours with each of them? I have the time to do that how exactly?”

“No one says you have to spend three or four hours with these people, we just get you on Google…”

“Who says I don’t have to spend three or four hours with each one of these? You? Do you know my business model, you who can’t find me in Colorado Springs, but somehow found me spidered in Monument? I have to research their house and their needs. I have to put together data. I have to interview them in person to really understand them, how long they’re going to be in the house. Then we have to get into their financial capabilities, and that’s a whole other story”

“Look, we get you on Google.”

Okay, well, look at it this way. I’m messing with you, because you obviously do not know how a successful real estate model should work, and I am trying to help you do your job better so you can at least talk sense rather than stick to the script. Because you don’t know your market and you’re still making a pitch, and it’s never gonna get anywhere. First off, if you wanted to buy a house in Colorado Springs, would you type into Google, ‘Homes for Sale, Colorado Springs, CO?’ No one does. They type two things: Colorado Springs Real Estate and Colorado Springs realtor. That’s what they type. And millions of people a year type that. 271 people a week is nothing. I also work with people who know me, like me and trust me. Let me ask you this: if you were me, and someone you did not know called you, and they owed $200,000 on a house, and it was worth $160,000, and they wanted to sell it for $220,000, would you work with that person? I should invest my time and my money for that?”

That’s when I heard the dial tone.

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