The Business of Connection

My top posts have never been about real estate. Real Estate is kind of like the weather, it effects everything, but such small talk is worth 30 seconds of low-grade connection.

The demonstration of Real Estate knowledge (especially data-proficiency) is a crappy medium to connect with people. I’ve tried to play the game of the smartest kid in the room for the last 10 years, and I know I’ve repelled more than I’ve connected by playing my game, my way.

So BennyMoo is getting a facelift. BennyMoo is getting real. And BennyMoo is not afraid to get profane if necessary. So you’ve subscribed for a while and you were looking for real estate data, please route thyself to This is our pretty new professional presentation with fancy colors, deep smarts and a fresh perspective on real estate.

But if you want to find out what happened to happened to Perfectionism and his Shiny Shoes, you can stay here.

Leadership is a mess. You’ve been warned.

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