Never Say Good Bye

A Love and Life Kept Vivid.

Men, how much would it revolutionize your marriage if you wrote a love letter-a- day to your wife? When was the last time you did that?

How much would it transform a calcified heart if you melted when offered “a little ice cream?”

How will you die? Will your wife miss you? Or will she say instead, “no, I don’t miss him. It was an honor to have had him.”

Look, I suck when I answer everyone of these questions. I haven’t written a love letter or bought a card for my wife in ages. I’ve struggled with our co-dependent relationship issues for years finally confronting them this year. There’s a continental difference between loving your wife with boldness and fullness, and co-dependent reactionary love. The first is essence, being, the real self, and from the heart. The second is soulish, transactional and reactionary.

I thought dudes in Brooklyn were bums. Not Dannie Perasa.

This is no shameless plug to be a KRCC member (although, yes, I am a sustaining member!). But consider spending four minutes listening to this podcast from a horse-betting clerk, and how much richer he left the world due to the love he shared. The love he gave. The selfless life he lived. How he bled for his wife.

Donnie Perasa led by bleeding. He bled first.

I’m undone by this man.


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