The New Killer App


It’s pretty killer. I suggest you try it. What’s amazing is that it comes pre-loaded on most devices. Sometimes it’s a bit of a trick to activate it. First you have to press it down. Sometimes, you then have to swipe a blinking red icon to make it truly activate. But once you do this, something amazing happens:

The device goes dead.

matthew-ferrara Matthew Ferrara is one of the great business bloggers out there, because at his heart, he is a philosopher. That’s not some badge he wants to label himself with and doesn’t have the guns to carry. It’s legit. I had the privilege of seeing him speak last week on Maui at Hawaii Life’s Worthshop3 event where he was – well positioned – as the closer.

Here’s a quick sample of what he shared:

  • The Killer App: Off
  • You are paid to think. Really, that’s what you do. And how often a day do you just shut it down and think for 15 minutes? Do you ever do this?
  • You cannot think and do anything else at the same time.
  • Who has a great brand? The Sun. The Sun has the best brand in the solar system.

  • Even the towel bar employees that live on Maui and watch the spectacular green flash sunsets every day “have great respect for the sun”.
  • The Four Seasons room service begins with a warm aloha greeting of you the consumer by your last name, and ends the order with “prepare to be delighted.”

There’s a lot in our world that is barbaric and uncivilized and done in the name of enhanced profit and productivity. I was at the ultimate first-world event, three days at the Wailea Four Seasons on Maui learning from Dwell Media, Concierge Auctions and Marc Davison about folks that have $100,000 in discretionary income every year, and how to work with them. I also learned about destroying friction and bureaucratic obstacles with simplicity and tribalism from the Hawaiian Land Trust, Wall to Wall Media, the incredible Lou Doctor and Winny. But kudos to Matt Beal and the Hawaii Life team for pushing the envelope and in the name of simplicity, deploying both Ferrara and Martin Heidegger. After this power-packed conference, Ferrara was the closer, and he asked a room full of drivers… to shut it down. Pau hana. The room was mostly Hawaiians, but these were Hawaiian capitalists, economic drivers, and if they weren’t from Hawaii, they were usually from Orange County or NYC. Oh, and me. Ferrara’s message embraced Heidegger’s existential call to due violence to our everyday interpretation of complacency and our tranquilized obviousness.

Yes, the sun sets everyday. And it’s still amazing.

Yes, our Droid, does. But it also has an off button. 

Somedays, you’ve done enough. 

Mahalo, Matthew. Mahalo, Matt. Well done.

Wailea Beach Sunset


One response to “The New Killer App

  1. Way to go Ben. Agreed. Fully. And in the space I don’t have the courage or authenticity to use my “OFF” app, I’d do well to start employing the baby step apps even more than I do – “Do Not Disturb”, “Airplane Mode” and “Turn Email Off.” Thanks for the reminder. If we do it all, in unity, the pain decreases for all of us. Kinda like a snow day. And we sure could use one. Mahalo.

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