Trust is Worth It

In the last two years, I’ve learned so much from the simple statement:

“We do what we are good at, not what we should be doing.” Thank you Brian for that life-changing utterance.

Think about that statement for a second. Metabolize it, swallow it, take it in.

We do, what is familiar. This could be anything from a devotional at 6:30 to the gym at 5:45 to coffee prepared this way to negotiating a contract in this manner to where we place our hands when we slip on ice.

Manning FaceWe are creatures of unavoidable habits.

We do, what we’ve always done.

I could do the predictable thing here and speak of Peyton Manning’s mid-life predictability, but taking it instead to my heart, I follow a pathway of hard-wired behavior that with each successive day becomes harder and harder to break. One the rare times that I do yoga with my wife, Warrior II leaves me staggeringly off-balance. I have to trust in my core strength to root down dynamically through my legs to have my feet hold me. It’s quite different than sitting in a chair. It’s electric.

Successive routine becomes harder…and harder… to break. Because I’m good at. It’s what I have practiced. It’s my “routine“. I would rather do again and again what I know for the sake of doing what I know, than experience the actual goodness of something new.

Risking the third-person, sometimes what we “trust” were good outcomes in history. Sometimes what we “trust” was that we survived trauma a certain way, and therefore, to survive any trauma in the future, we have to continue the dance in this survival-mode way. In other words, we live out of our amygdala. We live in constant fight or flight.

The hardest thing in the world to gain, is trust. The easiest thing in the world to lose, is trust. But doing something new, requires trust.  And trust is worth it. Take it Ze….

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