Broken into Leadership

I am a Husband, Father and Follower of Christ who lives and works in Colorado. I’m prone to being agonizingly analytical and overly complicated, but I also have the ability to look reflectively and see the truth amidst lies, and the lies amidst truth. While I suck at a lot of things,  I also have the ability to both listen to the depths of a person’s heart and share the spirit of their future. I’m a lifelong learner, who thought he had it nailed years ago.

I once had a real estate URL called “”. I had no idea what a double entendre I was giving birth to in that description. This is a continuation of that process.

One response to “Broken into Leadership

  1. I couldn’t find contact info for you on your blog. I’m an agent in Austin, TX trying to refer a client. He owns a large luxury home in Monument and is ready to list.

    Please give me a call at 512-299-3809 if you are interested in the referral.

    I can also be reached at

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